Technical Requirements


Meeting Different, and Evolving Technical Requirements

The Logo Technical Requirements are designed to address regional requirements for broadcast, broadband and HDMI delivery of 4K HDR Ultra HD content. Currently, the Logo Technical Requirements for 4K HDR Ultra HD Logo compliant devices refer to TS 101 154 v. 2.4.1 HbbTV v2.0.1, the UK D-Book v9.0, and HDMI 2.0b.

The Logo Technical Requirements will also be updated where appropriate to reference open UHD / HDR specifications for other broadcast regions and delivery mechanisms when those are published. Similarly, the requirements will in future be updated to accommodate other advances such as High Frame Rate and Next Generation Audio as these become more widely adopted.

You can read the Logo Technical Requirements by clicking on the link below. Simply fill in your details when requested and the document will open in a new browser window. 

  • Download 4K HDR Ultra 4K Logo Technical Requirements