DASH Test Tools

Ligada iSuite for DASH is a comprehensive MPEG-DASH264 and DASH265 profile Test Suite. Designed to test interoperability of any client or video player, on any device, to stream high quality video content across IP networks.

  • Provides conformance testing for DASH264 for any video player / client on any IP enabled device
  • Provides conformance testing for DASH265
  • Multiple audio and video codec support
  • DASH live profile
  • DASH on demand profile
  • Operates in HTML5 mode
  • Simulates variable network conditions
  • Automation features to shorten test cycles
  • Interactive test environment to shorten development cycles
  • Includes DLNA DASH test cases and content
  • Create new and modify existing test cases
  • Test cases to cover the Network Emulation Profile 2 of the DASH-AVC/264 test cases
  • Network Activity monitoring capability o help diagnose and debug network-related client playback issues
  • Over 140 test cases, containing Live and On-Demand profiles with associated media files
  • Contains over 100 ISO Base Media File Format files

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