CI Plus Test Tool

The official pre-test CI Plus host testing tool and CI Plus test suites for the testing of for the official CI Plus certification testing.

  • CI Plus v2.0 Extension Suites
  • CI Plus v1.2 Functionality Test Suite
  • CI Plus v1.2 Browser Test Suite
  • CI Plus v1.2 Generic Browser Test Suite
  • CI Plus v1.3 Extensions Suite
  • CI Plus v1.4 Extensions Suite
  • CI Plus Test Harness supporting Test Case Automation Testing Procedures and Results Templates
  • DVB-T/C/S Broadcast Test Streams
  • Encrypted ISOBMFF/DASH Media (IP Delivery)
  • CAM Test Scripts
  • LSC Server Software Including Hybrid and Multi-cast support
  • IP Service List Server
  • CAM Firmware Upgrade Kit
  • Annual Test Tool Support, Including Test Case & CAM Firmware Updates
  • Service & Testing Advice from Expert Engineers

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