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The new generation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) televisions with Next Generation Audio (NGA), will boast more than 8 million pixels and rich lifelike colours, deep blacks and bright whites, will bring a whole new viewing and sound experience into the home.

The new 4K HDR Immersive Logo provides assurance to consumers, as well as content producers, broadcasters and manufacturers, that the level of image and sound quality promised by this technology will be effectively delivered and reproduced on the compliant devices that display the logo.

Whilst there are a number of other logo schemes currently in operation, the 4K HDR Immersive logo, which has been developed from the 4K HDR Ultra HD Logo, is the only regime that defines requirements for devices to receive and display HDR content and Next Generation Audio immersive sound quality delivered over broadcast, HDMI and broadband, and is backed by a rigorous certification scheme.

The new 4K HDR Immersive Logo is an evolution of the technical requirements of the 4K HDR Ultra HD Logo, already supported by companies including Vestel, LG Electronics, MStar, Panasonic and HiSense.

Benefits of the 4K HDR Immersive Logo:

  • Verify compliance with the EBU guidelines - EBU Tech 3372 & 4K Immersive Logo requirements
  • Support for 4K, HDR, WCG and NGA simultaneously
  • Full UHD resolutions are supported
  • Broadcast, Broadband and HDMI delivered content can be displayed
  • Enhanced viewing experience to the consumer

The Logo Technical Requirements are designed to address regional requirements for broadcast, broadband and HDMI delivery of 4K HDR Ultra HD content. Currently, the Logo Technical Requirements for 4K HDR Ultra HD Logo compliant devices refer to TS 101 154 v. 2.4.1 HbbTV v2.0.1, the UK D-Book v9.0, and HDMI 2.0b. The Logo Technical Requirements will also be updated where appropriate to reference open UHD / HDR specifications for other broadcast regions and delivery mechanisms when those are published. Similarly, the requirements will in future be updated to accommodate other advances such as High Frame Rate and Next Generation Audio as these become more widely adopted.

Download the Logo Technical Requirements Document here.

Getting the Logo

Use of the 4K HDR Immersive Logo is open to any device manufacturer of TVs, set-top-boxes and other video devices that signs the Logo Licence Agreement and may be used on receiver products that are certified to meet the Logo Technical Requirements, and their associated marketing and packaging materials. A Logo Licence Process document is available to interested manufacturers that explains the steps needed to start using the logo.
Other organisations may also use the logo if they follow the Logo Display Guidelines and adhere to the Logo Usage Rules.

To obtain the Logo Display Guidelines, the Logo Usage Rules and the Logo License Process documents please contact us here. You can download the 4K HDR Immersive Technical Requirements here.

Whilst HDR (High Dynamic Range) has been discussed for many years, HDR content and devices are only now becoming available for consumers. HDR refers to contrast ratio which translates to how closely the colours and brightness on screen resemble real life (or whatever colour palette and brightness was intended when the programme/movie was created). This creates a dramatic improvement in picture quality – so much so, that broadcasters and industry commentators have suggested 4K alone is not enough.

NGA (Next generation Audio) creates a truly captivating audio experience, enabling the consumer to experience enhanced audio content quality wherever and however they choose. Personalised settings enable other features, so that listeners can interact with audio and adapt it to individual preferences and crucially access services for those with disabilities. User settings will facilitate other valuable features, such as personalization of different audio elements, a key enabler for NGA provides an opportunity to bring immersive audio to the listener.
See here for links to further references highlighting the importance of being placed on NGA (aka Object Based Audio) by broadcasters with a public service and accessibility remit.

Benefits of the 4K HDR Immersive Logo


Consumers will have the assurance that by purchasing a television bearing the logo, it will display UHD HDR content for their region, whether broadcast conventionally, delivered OTT or via an HDMI connection.

Retail & Manufacturers

The logo conveys, in simple graphic form, that a complex set of features and technologies will work together for the respective region. This makes it simple for consumers to identify those televisions that conform to the requirements. 


In supporting the logo, broadcasters can have confidence that the broadcast and OTT UHD HDR content they produce will work and deliver the expected quality on all compliant televisions that carry the logo.

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