TestWizard Release Update Notes


TestWizard Update Release Notes

TestWizard v2.5 Update

Main goal of Update: Enhance TestWizard capabilities for multi team/multi site setups to ensure Scheduling and Test Management is optimised.

Enhanced Scheduler

  • Reduces the number of actions required to schedule a large amount of tests
  • Reduces risk for errors and mistakes
  • Increases the potential usage rate of the test automation framework
  • Provides a more flexible selection of test scripts, removing the limitations of the current Test Sets 


Test Labs

  • Provides the option to divide a large test automation system into multiple smaller ‘Test Labs’
  • Allows the separation of scheduling and the access to Test Objects
  • Cleaner screen display with only the tests that matter to you displayed




TestWizard 2.5.1

Add Custom Properties on Test Object at Device Level

The following features have been added in TestWizard manager to facilitate addition and configuration of custom properties at device level.

  • A new page ‘Test Objects’ has been added in the TestWizard Manager, which will display properties of the devices.
  • It is possible to add custom properties on Test objects/ Devices of the Robot.
  • It is possible (in the TestWizard manager) to select a custom property from a dropdown list rather than using free text. (You can still use the Admin tab to configure/add new custom properties using free text).

Enhancements to Reporting Screen in TestWizard Manager

Following features are available on the Reporting screen showing information about the test runs:

  • By default, the Reporting tab now points to the ‘Discover page’ of Kibana
  • Also on the Discover page, filtering of data in custom properties is possible
  • Data on the Discover page can be exported to a CSV file.
  • All dashboards function as before.


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