Test Automation



Why Use Test Automation?

There are a number of reasons that test automation is valuable during the testing process including:

Improved Focus of Manual Resources

  • Manual resources can focus on high-value, complex tasks
  • Repeated test execution is done by automation software
  • Test coverage is improved without needing to increase the size of your test team

Increased Speed of Product Development & Release Cycles

  • Immediate feedback on quality of products
  • Regression issues quickly detected 
  • Testing speed is dramatically increased
  • Test runs can be executed more frequently

Improved Overall Quality of the Product

  • Volume of testing outstrips capacity of manual testing
  • Tests can be executed that cannot be done by a human
  • Improved view on stability and performance
  • Lower support costs due to increased software quality

The improvement in quality that an operator is likely to see from using automation also allows for lower support costs in customer care departments, even in cases when the time-to-market pressure from product and marketing groups remains high.

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