Viewers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to consuming content. They want to see their favorite content on any device and at any time. To stay ahead of the game, this becomes more and more important.

Over The Top (OTT) refers to media services over the standard IP based transport protocol, like 3G, 4G, WiFi etc. Testing these media services applications and associated network components is generally referred to as OTT testing.

There are numerous network, infrastructure and application components which are involved in delivering a good OTT service. Therefore a good testing or QA strategy would entail testing the complete service, with all the components and to analyze how they are performing under various conditions.

The most critical KPI of a good OTT service is a smooth user experience. Imagine that a user tries to watch a live match or a video clip and it stalls or the spinner keeps on showing forever. In such a situation and with the plethora of OTT service providers, the risk of losing a customer is higher than ever.

It is therefore crucial that all tests are focused on the one and only one goal, and that is an “amazing user experience”.

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