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Smart TV

Smart TV

We have developed an exclusive solution that will enable anyone to perform test automation on Smart TV sets (in the same way as we can do now with HDMI-connected devices).

The setup is device agnostic to improve the scope of test automation scripts on TV sets with different operating systems, sizes and configurations.

The solution provides enhanced image comparison algorithms that are robust against small changes in lighting, positioning, sharpness or color shift.


  • Independent of TV Operating system
  • Across all Smart TV platforms, all types of TV’s
  • Including video and audio playback
  • Use of existing testwizard capabilities
  • Next to Smart TV’s you will be able to use one tool to test on different devices and across Android and iOS apps and browsers.
  • You can test all the different scenarios an end-user executes. This means that you can fully do end-to-end testing of media platforms including STB, Web, Mobile, IoT and any other device.


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