TestWizard Infrastructure

The TestWizard Test Automation Infrastructure consists of:

  • A web based manager for scheduling (automated) tests on mobiles, tablets, STBs, TVs, Webpages and common industry used IT interfaces (e.g. REST), remote monitoring of ongoing tests and retrieving results of completed tests.
  • Execution servers for running the automated tests.
  • A standalone development system for designing and debugging test scripts by means of easy to use Wizards 

TestWizard Infrastructure

TestWizard Manager

TestWizard devicesTestWizard Manager is the web based test automation management application. It functions as the heart of a test automation framework which can be a distributed system covering multiple locations and device types. Using TestWizard Manager, the test automation activities are securely managed from any device that is connected to the internet. Using TestWizard Manager, all test automation activities involving multiple automation tools and multiple geographical locations are managed from one centralised interface. TestWizard Manager has excellent integration capabilities and can manage test automation tools and equipment running at different geographical locations.

With TestWizard Manager the time spent on resource management, scheduling test runs and processing test results is highly reduced while accuracy and efficiency is guaranteed.

With TestWizard Manager you are able to schedule and run multiple test cases on several devices in parallel and sequential. Each of the executed tests generates a test report with clear status test run log and screen captures or video recordings. It is depending on the (hardware) setup how many devices can be under test in parallel.

The Devices under Test can be controlled from this application, using e.g. power on, and a video mosaic presents video of the devices under test for monitoring purposes. 

ScriptStudio: The Powerful Development System

ScriptStudio is the core part of the development system which allows you to create script based test cases. With the integrated wizards and support tools creating sophisticated tests does not require extensive programming skills. Programming tools are, of course, also available to further extend the possibilities.

Supports data driven testing by using customisable parameters in order to reuse tests across multiple models, platforms, test environments which enables dynamic script execution behavior based on parameters.

ScriptStudio: Key Benefits

  • Intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • Powerful single script language supporting all clients
  • Use of parameters for data driven testing
  • Wizards and commands for creating tests in an efficient manner, without requirement for extensive knowledge of scripting languages
  • Debugging support
  • Extensions by means of advanced plugin mechanism

TestWizard ScriptStudio


TestWizard - Automation Suite

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