Testwizard: How it works

How testwizard works

How it works

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Script design

Script design is the core part of the development system which allows you to create script-based test cases. With integrated wizards and support tools creating sophisticated tests, it does not require extensive programming skills.

Automation Management

We have a web-based test automation management application available for you. It functions as the heart of a test automation framework which can be a distributed system covering multiple locations and device types. The test automation activities are securely managed from any device that is connected to the internet. The activities involving multiple automation tools and multiple geographical locations are managed from one centralised interface. It has excellent integration capabilities and can manage test automation tools and equipment running at different geographical locations.

Script Execution

The script execution Server is a rack-based hardware setup, that allows multiple applications to be tested with test jobs being distributed to each device individually. This allows parallel testing using testing resources in the most efficient way, shortening the execution time of your testing and providing quick feedback on software quality.



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