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Home Automation

Home Automation & IoT

  • Challenge: Niko needed a total end-to-end test solution for their IoT home automation system. This advanced home automation system provides users with an extensive range of features and functions that include: control of devices at home, live and historic monitoring of energy consumption in the home, receiving calls from the video door station.
  • Solution: Testwizard made it possible to cover all requirements for end-to-end test cases. Complex user journeys are simulated using testwizard and tested in a continuous way. This increased the user experience of the final solution that Niko delivers to their customers.

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Media Broadcasting


  • Challenge: We helped a company that wanted to improve the quality of their integrated media solution brought to their customers all over the world. Their colleagues involved in quality assurance are working at different locations (spread around the world).
  • Solution: the architecture of testwizard enables to integrate all your geographical locations  to one backbone system.


  • Challenge: For a digital satellite TV service offering company with more over than 200 channels and popular On Demand services. The company needed to operate over 2 locations: London and Dublin.
  • Solution: Thanks to testwizard they could test Set-top boxes and mobile apps in Dublin, and remotely manage them from London.


Over the Top

Over the Top

  • Challenge: For a company that uses an open-source WPE browser and cloud architecture to enable operators to quickly on-board premium OTT services and integrate apps and OTT content into a single viewer experience. They needed a testing framework which can ensure that the OTT App Framework works effectively and seamlessly across a wide range of Set Top Boxes (STBs).
  • Solution: The set top boxes were located in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Testwizard Manager (web based test automation management app) was used to manage both the manual and automated testing aspects of the project using a privately hosted cloud at the company.



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