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Hardware & Device Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing has considerableexperience of collaborating with Standards Development Organisations (SDOs), industry associations and committees. We are members of several organisations and regularly contribute to the activities related to testing, certification and interoperability. We offer a range of consumer device testing options for various devices, systems and scenarios.

Our Solutions for Hardware & Device Testing

Software Testing

Testlab offers a range of software testing solutions for legacy applications and new generation applications. With more than two decades as an independent Quality Assurance company,our specialist teams and innovative tools will help you deliver high quality products compliant with legislation and specifications. When you engage our Testlab you benefit from cost-efficient working, access to certified testing profiles and physical test devices, test tools (for management, automation and monitoring), a scalable test environment and a flexible workforce.

Our Solutions for Software Testing


Measurement Equipment

We invest heavily in the latest and most proficient test equipment. From oscilloscopes and generators to , bit-error-rate counters and protocol analyzers,  you can be sure your testing will be undertaken to the highest possible standards.

Acoustic Chamber

Our acoustic chamber is the perfect environment for performing comprehensive testing of voice-activated devices, including TVs, mobile apps and smart home devices.

Video Headends

We can simulate advanced network configuration and mirror live network conditions using our advanced digital video broadcasting solution for DVB-T/C/S. A custom solution for customers requirements can be configured using live or multicast transport streams.

Automated Test Setups

Our automated compliance test software offers the ideal way to test your products against the requirements of standard technologies, delivering repeated and consistent results. Always with manual intervention available where needed.

Compatibility Assets

We can offer testing against a wide variety of test assets:

  • Over 150 Mobile Devices 
  • All Qi certified products, worldwide 
  • Over 200 Televisions 
  • Over 50 Wi-Fi Access Points 
  • Over 30 Set-Top-Box products 
  • Over 150 USB products 
  • Over 50 PC Desktop Systems and Laptops

What makes us different?

Our practical experience

We offer complete up-to-date test environments for high speed serial data compliance testing and debugging. We have supported many hundreds programs in diverse market sectors, helping our engineers develop equally wide ranging experience in these environments. 

Our knowledge of methodologies

Eurofins Digital Testing has experts in all traditional and emergent testing methodologies, making us ideally placed to diagnose the most relevant for any particular application. They work with state of the art testing equipment to ensure they deliver the best possible results.

We are fully independent

Eurofins Digital Testing works with many commercial companies and standards organisations. This in no way compromises our neutral stance in all the work we undertake. You can be sure we always work independently and confidentially with all our partners.


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