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TestWizard Automation Suite

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Test Whatever, Whenever and Wherever You Want!

Testwizard Suite Version 2.5 is an Open Test Automation Infrastructure, that along with the rack-based hardware allows multiple applications to be tested with test jobs being distributed to each device individually. This allows parallel testing using testing resources in the most efficient way, shortening the execution time of your testing and providing quick feedback on software quality. Using TestWizard the time spent on repetitive testing tasks is highly reduced while test coverage and test consistency is guaranteed.

The unrivalled architecture of TestWizard allows automated testing of full end-to-end user scenarios involving multiple device types such as Set-Top Boxes, web applications, mobile devices and web services.

Test Automatically on Any Target Device Type

  • Automated testing of multiple devices: mobiles, tablets, STBs, web services, web apps, TVs
  • Industry leading and format independent video output testing: SD / HD all supported
  • Reuse the same tests on different models and platforms   
  • Mobile support for Android and iOS, along with Android TV/set top boxes and applications 

Powerful and Intuitive Test Authoring

  • Easy to use test creation environment, designed for testers without coding skills
  • Includes intuitive Wizards (e.g. OCR, video and audio comparing algorithms) and commands 
  • Availability of fully functional development and debug environment
  • Data driven testing by using customisable parameters

Flexible and Extensible Test Execution Environment

  • Support for multiple simultaneous devices under test that scales with use: easy to expand as you require
  • Integrated with third party applications such as continuous integration tools, test case management and monitoring tools
  • Secure, cloud based test manager supports flexible scaling, multi-tenant approach with geographically distributed sites
  • Enables remote testing with remote viewing of video output
  • End-to-end automation from head-end to end-user-device with multiple devices controlled from a single test
  • Plugin SDK enables developers to create own functions/commands and integrate them in TestWizard
  • Audio integration that allows operators to listen to audio during test execution on set top boxes

Support Many Different Test Styles and Purposes

  • Suitable for integration testing, regression testing, functional and non-functional testing
  • Advanced resource management, supporting concurrent testing without interdependencies
  • Use for automated monitoring and diagnostics

Version 2.5 Enhancements 

The release of TestWizard 2.5 brings enhancements to the Scheduler and introduces a Test Lab feature. The Scheduler now delivers:

  • A reduced number of actions required to schedule a large amount of tests
  • Lower risk of errors and mistakes
  • Increased usage rate of the test automation framework
  • More flexible selection of test scripts, breaking the limitations of the current Test Sets

The Test Lab feature lets you:

  • Divide the large test automation system into multiple smaller Test Labs
  • Deliver separation of scheduling and access to Test Objects
  • use a more simple view with only the tests that matter to you displayed

For more information on TestWizard, please visit the TestWizard website