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testwizard 3.0

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Testwizard, a comprehensive platform for end-to-end test automation

Organisations that want to implement a strong QA process, need an equally strong set of tools to
do so. A set of tools that helps them test complex user journeys on multiple devices, a set of tools
that helps them test embedded software, even from a remote location or in a fully-fledged CI/CD

We have built that kind of tool. Being testers ourselves, we have created a comprehensive platform
for end-to-end test automation. Our unique architecture allows automated testing of complete user
scenarios, across multiple devices. Our open environment enables integrations with third party
applications such as continuous integration tools CI/CD, test case management and monitoring tools.
And our intuitive interface is designed for speed of work and improved productivity.

Together, we build better products!

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Why would you use testwizard? 

Intuitive design

Intuitive design

Easy script creation and test management

Block programming

Record & playback functionality

Copy/paste functionality

Open Architecture

Open architecture

Fully-featured development environment

Extensive integration capabilities

Use plugin SDK’s

Language agnostic

Complete coverage

Complete coverage

End-to-end automation

Works with any target device type

Offers remote and embedded testing

Video and audio output testing

What’s new in version 3.0?

  • testwizard now supports the JavaScript and Python scripting languages
  • improvements in the remote manual testing: Remotely control iOS and Android mobile devices directly from the mosaic page
  • the web test object now supports the Safari web browser on Mac computers
  • users can now add and remove individual test script results to/from in Kibana


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Visit the testwizard website    

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