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Eurofins Test Automation as a Service

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Continuous testing, monitoring and reporting, customised to your business application

Eurofins Test Automation as a Service (Eurofins TAaaS) represents a new approach to testing. It uniquely combines our extensive testing knowledge, state-of-the-art test automation solutions and test lab infrastructures, and delivers continuous testing and monitoring. Performance data is accessible 24/7 from wherever you can connect to the Internet thanks to a central dashboard.

Eurofins Test Automation as a Service

Eurofins TAaaS provides an ongoing, customised and detailed insight into the quality of the delivery of your video services onto a wide array of client devices. For product and operations managers Eurofins TAaaS provides a highly systematic and continuous view of the service quality during the operational lifecycle of the video service and its client devices.

Eurofins TAaaS can help extend the development testing on devices into the operational lifecycle. The service complements other monitoring solutions in the breadth and depth of the testing performed on the client devices and delivers results from a true end-user perspective. Eurofins TAaaS can help discover – and isolate – issues with functionality, performance and stability real-time and can help predict other potential problems from test result trends.

Eurofins TAaaS will

  • Detect compatibility issues with service delivery in respect of a range of variables on client device hardware models, operating systems and application versions.
  • Measure key performance metrics such as (but not limited to) channel changing times and menu loading times,
  • Monitor video stream Quality of Experience including dropped frames, freezes, blank screens and loss of audio.
  • Test the ongoing functionality of your service and client device features.
  • …and more

Eurofins TAaaS is:

  • Cloud based: reports are easily monitored anywhere, 24/7
  • Flexible: customised testing regimes grow with you and your product
  • Real Time: continuous testing and monitoring that ensures problems are spotted and highlighted fast
  • Scalable: adapts to changes in the scale and scope of your product
  • Affordable: the subscription model has no up-front costs

For product and operations managers Eurofins TAaaS has countless applications where continuous, rather than discrete, testing is essential. For example, use it for monitoring streaming content delivery. Ensure end users achieve a quality of experience (QoE) that builds customer loyalty. 

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