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MIPI CSI-2 Automation Tool

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The CSI-2 specification defines standard data transmission and control interfaces between transmitter and receiver. Data transmission interface (referred as CSI-2) is unidirectional differential serial interface with data and clock signals; the physical layer of this interface is the MIPI Alliance Standard for D-PHY.

Eurofins Digital Testing co-operates with Agilent Technologies on the CSI-2 software automation for the Agilent Technologies U4421A and provides CSI-2 protocol automation software for purchase. The tool is able to cover the CSI-2 Transmitter Protocol CTS v1.0 and CSI-2 Receiver Protocol Conformance Test Suite v1.01 as defined by

The Protocol conformance suite is a valuable tool to the Agilent Technologies U4421A offering automation for running CSI-2 protocol conformance with the U4421A which requires minimal user input. The user interface allows easy configurationand saves all necessary logs in an HTML test report including the Raw captured test run data .ala file format in a pre-defined location. The User Interface gives a direct view of the passed/failed test cases and works for all configuration of DUTs up to four data lanes and one clock lane. The tool also allows configuration for a set of physical layer setting making your validation testing a non-miss in your development process.

Automated Test Groups being included:

  • Low Level Protocol Packet Format
  • Packet Spacing
  • Virtual Channel Identifier
  • Synchronisation Short Packet Data Type Codes
  • Data Type
  • Packet Spacing Examples
  • Packet Header Error Correction Code
  • Packet Data Payload Size Rules
  • Checksum Generation
  • Data Interleaving


  • Test Results with a touch of a button
  • Ease of configuration
  • Detailed Test Report
  • Easy to use
  • No Complex setup required
  • Adjustable Phy Settings
  • Upto 4 lanes testing
  • Logging capabilities