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Ligada iSuite for HbbTV

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Ligada iSuite for HbbTV is a comprehensive HbbTV Test Harness and set of Test Suites, enabling interoperability, conformance and certification testing for HbbTV hybrid digital TV receivers.

The Ligada iSuite Test Harness features an advanced automation engine, which allows a significant proportion of HbbTV Test Cases (including those in the Official HbbTV Test Suite) to run unattended. This dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with validation and conformance.


Ligada iSuite for HbbTV now provides support for Operator Applications testing.

Operator applications are like HbbTV applications, but with more privileges, to the extent they can completely replace the terminal user interface. Operator applications will coexist with regular HbbTV applications and bilateral agreements between operators and manufacturers will determine the level of privileges granted to them for a given terminal.

 Contact us today to join our OpApp Early Access Programme that enables:

  • Running Launcher-based OpApp tests
  • Running Discovery and Installation tests (DNS SRV Discovery, HTTP and ZIP app packages only)
  • Full support for the major new HbbTV Test APIs
  • Running most OpApp tests in HbbTV repository

To join the programme click here

Ligada iSuite for HbbTVLigada iSuite for HbbTV Features:

  • Validates products against HbbTV v1.0, v1.5 and HbbTV 2.0.1
  • Includes test suites covering national HbbTV profiles
  • Minimises interoperability issues
  • Exclusive HbbTV DRM Test Suite
  • Automation to shorten test cycles
  • Interactive test environment to shorten development cycles
  • Runs the Official HbbTV Test Suite, as required by the HbbTV Logo Programme
  • Over 1,000 Test Cases supplied
  • Create new and modify existing test cases
  • Offers testing service in HbbTV and/or OIPF hybrid modes

Eurofins Digital Testing HbbTV Test Suites:

Eurofins Digital Testing provides a number of test suites providing excellent test coverage for logo, trademark and interoperability requirements:

HbbTV Test Suite: Includes 460 official HbbTV Association test cases authored by Eurofins Digital Testing, over 250 OIPF test cases expected to be adopted in later official HbbTV Association test suites and other miscellaneous test cases including Dolby Audio.

DRM Test Suite: Includes PlayReady and Marlin DRM test cases. 

HbbTV2.0 Test Suite: Includes 272 test cases covering MediaSync, DIAL/Companion Screen, UK Freeview Play Test Suite and Dolby/DTS test cases. Also includes the AVDPU for HbbTV2.0 MediaSync automation.

HbbTV Pro Test Suite: Advanced MPEG-DASH test cases to simulate real network conditions for adaptive bit rate video delivery.

HbbTV/ CI+ Test Suite: CI+ Test CAM to test all areas of CSPG-CI+ API implementation (using CI+ SAS Resource). Only commercial tool available supporting CI+ tests in the official HbbTV Association test suite. 

Performance Test Suite: Non-functional test suite for systematic metrics to optimise HbbTV device performance

Live Apps Test Suite: containing a selection of real-life, deployed global applications, launched from Ligada iSuite without the need for direct access to the DVB channel feed.

Certification and Test Coverage for HbbTV Logos and Regional Profiles: Ligada iSuite is being continuously updated to support new HbbTV regional profiles:

  • France TNT2.0
  • Spain TDT Hibrida
  • Australia Freeview Plus
  • New Zealand Freeview Plus
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia MTSFB-004
  • NorDig
  • Netherlands HbbTV Forum
  • Singapore
  • UK Freeview Play (HbbTV 2.0)

For more information about Ligada iSuite, or to request your free demo, please use the download links on this page or contact us