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QA for Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF)

The Digital Media landscape is changing in many ways: changes in consumer behaviour, the shift to OTT streaming services, competition between established broadcasters and new service providers, and regulators having to keep up with technology and market developments to ensure fair competition and consumer satisfaction.

Broadcasters and streaming service providers alike need to compete for audience locally, but on a global scale. Content producers need to serve a global market with wide variations in requirements. From the studio, through post-production, to distribution and consumer delivery, all players in the industry are becoming part of a new global media supply chain which demands localisation and multi-versioning of content at huge scale.

A key part of the solution is componentised media, which enables game-changing efficiencies in the supply chain, delivering tailored versions of content to different distribution channels and markets without an explosion in storage, file transfer, and QA costs.

The Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF) is a vital enabler for this new supply chain. Already adopted in parts of the motion picture industry, and championed by some streaming providers, IMF is expected to see wider adoption across the whole digital media market, in conventional post-production and distribution processes, and in the many emerging cloud-based media workflow platforms.

IMF, and the related Material Exchange Format (MXF) used for video and audio essence within the IMF Composition, are complex technical standards which include variations for different end-applications (broadcast, OTT distribution, long-term archive…) and enable distributors to specify precise business requirements for content they are purchasing.

With a complex, component-based supply chain, it’s vital to ensure quality at every stage as compositions are tailored for editorial or regulatory reasons, for different distribution formats, for localisation needs… But one of the promises of componentisation is efficiencies in Quality Assurance, as well as in storage and distribution. This means flexible QA tools that can handle the technical complexities of IMF and MXF, and also deliver business-relevant information at every stage in the supply chain.

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Eurofins Digital Testing offers two software solutions to help deliver the benefits of componentised media.

IMF analyser

IMF Analyser is a high-performance, flexible, state-of-the-art software solution for the analysis and validation of IMF compositions and packages.

IMF Analyser examines and evaluates the completeness of an IMF package. It validates each component in a composition (Asset Map, Packing List, Composition Playlist, Essence Components, Output Profile List). Full in-depth validation of MXF essence components is included, subtitle components can be validated against IMSC-1, and the solution carries out cross-checks between components and layers in the composition.

IMF Analyser supports multiple IMF standards, and can be easily integrated into media workflows. Analysis results are delivered in machine-readable format, as well as via an intuitive user interface which includes visualisation of the IMF composition, and clear indicators of any conformance issues with severity – enabling rapid decisions based on business priorities.

MXF analyser

The Material Exchange Format (MXF) is a file format for interchanging and storing audio-visual material, standardised by SMPTE. Due to its flexibility, extensibility and the tight integration of essence and metadata, MXF is the file format of choice for the interchange and storage of finished or “almost finished” audio-visual material and associated metadata.

MXF Analyser is a market-leading software solution for MXF file analysis. With the MXF Analyser, conformance to the MXF SMPTE standard and conformance to certain application parameters, such as operational pattern, essence container constraints, and payload formats, can be examined and displayed.

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