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HLS Test Suite

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Eurofins Digital Testing, the leading provider of testing and QA products for the digital media marketplace, is pleased to present free access to a set of newly developed HLS test streams as part of their HLS Test Suite. The HLS Test Suite is suitable for validating a player's support for various features within HLS.

HLS Test Streams

HLS (also known as HTTP Live Streaming) is an HTTP based media streaming communications protocol popularised by Apple as part of its iOS, OS X, Safari and QuickTime software.

Eurofins Digital Testing's test streams will test a player's support for various features, including:

  • Failover: simulating a content server failure and tests the player's support for switching to an alternative backup content server.
  • Multiple segment lengths: helping determine how the player deals with adapting to network conditions with segments that are shorter or longer than the Apple-recommended default.
  • Byterange-based media playlists: providing an alternative to individual segment media playlists.
  • Fragmented MPEG-4 (fMP4) Segments: helping support coexistence with DASH, these streams address the relatively recent addition to the HLS standard which has traditionally used Transport Stream (TS) based segments. 

Each test includes audio and video at a range of bitrates, and a text overlay to make it simple to see what variant is being played.

HLS test streams are difficult to come by due to the nature of the technology. It's not open standard and so does not have much in the way of community generated content and resources like with other technologies (such as MPEG-DASH). These free to download HLS test streams will be of interest to a range of technology vendors who we hope to work with, to support HLS player/content development in the future.

The resources come complete with full instructions and detailed supporting notes and can be accessed here. Once downloaded, users have unlimited access for 30 days and the tests may be used as much as required in this time.

For more information please get in touch with the HLS team.