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Eurofins Digital Testing’s HEVC for DVB Test Suite delivers receiver support for the DVB standards that specify the technical details of broadcast UHDTV HEVC deployments. It contains over 40 conformance test streams specially produced for both terrestrial and satellite to determine whether a receiver can successfully de-multiplex and decode DVB HEVC services, including changes in encoding parameters mid-stream. Our HEVC for DVB Test Suite also includes streams from leading HEVC encoder providers in order to allow interoperability testing of receivers against real-world encoder outputs.

The conformance test streams are compliant to approved DVB standards, including TS 101 154/DVB Bluebook A157 and EN 300 468/DVB Bluebook A038, addressing UHD-1 Phase 1, giving increased confidence that devices will be suitable for a wide range of deployments (not just those deployments that use a subset of the guidelines) in UHD-1 Phase 1 (for more details on UHD-1 Phase 1, see below).

The most recent release of our Test Suite also includes streams covering Teletext, subtitles, Active Format Description (AFD) and event linkage across HD and UHD in addition to SD.


  • Contains 4K UHD and HD HEVC video content.
  • HEVC streams are multiplexed into conformant MPEG-2 Transport Streams, allowing simple modulation and playback to the receiver under test.
  • The conformance streams are compliant to the DVB standards at both the Transport Stream (TS) and HEVC elementary stream layers.
  • Multiple streams exercise a broad range of configurations including resolution, frame rate, bit depth (8-bit/10-bit), aspect ratio and the extended colour gamut colorimetry defined in ITU BT.709/BT.2020.
  • Features streams with mid-stream encoding changes designed to test decoder support for parameter changes.
  • Includes advanced audio codec streams from the current DVB toolbox (HE-AAC, E-AC-3).
  • Inclusion of streams with Teletext, Subtitles, AFD and Event Linkage
  • Includes interoperability streams from leading HEVC encoder providers in order to test decoder interoperability against outputs from real-world encoders.
  • Terrestrial and satellite versions of conformance streams are available.

UHDTV Phase 1 (UHD-1)

Phase 1 of the UHDTV deployments, as specified by the DVB group allows for sharper images at four times the resolution of 1080p video and frame rates of up to 60 frames per second. This delivers fluid, more realistic motion, as well as making provision for encoding 10 bits of data per colour component giving smoother, richer colours across a significantly expanded colour gamut. In addition, UHD-1 enables more efficient delivery of HD content using the advanced compression techniques of the HEVC standard, saving valuable bandwidth whilst maintaining quality.  

For more information on the HEVC for DVB Test Suite please contact us.