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HE-AAC Test Tool

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Our MPEG-4 HE-AAC audio compliance test is designed to measure compliance for High Efficiency-Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC), an MPEG standard, at the forefront of technological developments in audio codec. This compliance test can also be used for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC).

The standard has been widely deployed in bit rate sensitive platforms for IP delivered and TV / radio broadcast systems, such as ISDB, SBTVD, DMB, ATSC-M/H, 3GPP, HbbTV, DAB+ and Digital Radio Mondiale.

The new HE-AAC DVB test suite is built on extensive test streams and will enable efficient validation for broadcast receiver devices.

Eurofins Digital Testing has two HE-AAC offerings, the option to license the DVB Receiver Test Suite for HE-AAC conformance, alongside a complete testing service and report.


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NB: Eurofins Digital Testing is referred to as Digital TV Labs in these blog articles which was our previous company name.