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Evora iSuite for DVB

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Evora iSuite is a global, web-based interactive DVB receiver test framework incorporating the Evora Test Suite. DVB receivers can be validated against multiple country specifications and requirements in a highly productive, integrated test environment.

  • Fully interactive test frameworkEvora iSuite for DVB
  • Supports over 60 countries and operators
  • Continuously updated and maintained by dedicated team of experts
  • Covers European, ASEAN, Australasian and African countries
  • Automatic report generation
  • Bug tracking system

The Industry Standard

Evora iSuite is the industry standard test suite for CE manufacturers and SoC vendors, who are often challenged by the testing requirements of multiple countries, broadcast standards and operator requirements. Evora provides 100% test coverage for over 60 specifications and real network conditions captured through our continuous stream collection programme.

The Benefit of Our Expertise

There is no single specification that covers the entirety of global DVB. Instead, the actual requirement is a fusion of multiple national specifications, combined with the real undocumented broadcast conditions- information that can be very time consuming and costly to collect.

Eurofins Digital Testing maintains an in-depth knowledge of actual transmission practices across hundreds of global regions, as well as strong relationships with multiple broadcasters and industry stakeholder groups, so that you don't have to. We are uniquely placed to ensure that Evora iSuite can accurately test to a multi-continental super-set of all the national specifications and requirements, providing in-depth test coverage for over 60 countries and operators globally. Users can save months of effort, get to market quickly and avoid the crippling cost of post-production field issues.

Optimised to Minimise Testing Times

Based on intelligent relational database technology, Evora iSuite can automatically generate the optimum test plan for any combination of countries or operators, eliminating common test cases and therefore minimising testing time. It has a built-in bug tracking system, generates reports automatically, supports multi-user and multi-site concurrent usage and is fully integrated with the Online Requirements Database.

Country Support:

Australia, Greece, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Belgium, Ireland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia ,Cyprus, Latvia, South Africa, Czech Rep, Lithuania, Spain, South Africa, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Estonia ,Netherlands ,Switzerland ,Finland , Nigeria, Norway, France, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Columbia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and Vietnam. 

 For further information and to request a demonstration of Evora iSuite, please contact us