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CI Plus Host Test Tool

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Eurofins Digital Testing’s CI Plus Test Tool is the official pre-test CI Plus host testing tool, and facilitates the full development, testing and debugging of CI Plus and CI Plus ECP Host implementations.

The Tool contains the official Eurofins Digital Testing test procedures, streams and CI Plus test suites required to completely pre-test your device in advance of certification. It can be used by developers and manufacturers to streamline their build processes and greatly reduce time to market by bringing pre-validated products to us for certification.

The official CI Plus Host Test Tool is available from Eurofins Digital Testing. Furthermore, as it is optional for CI Plus or CI Plus ECP devices to implement MHEG-5, the Host Test Tool includes all updates required. From February 2018 we have also included additional tests to support Enhanced Copy Protection - ECP. You will find more information on implementing the ECP here. Get in touch with us for any other information you might require regarding CI Plus: follow this link to contact us.

An annual support package is also available. Subscribers to this service receive automatic email updates notifying them of new tests and test updates when they become available. Software and hardware maintenance and support is included, and our dedicated CI Plus engineers will be on hand to provide support and advice to client engineers as and when they require it.

The CI Plus Test Tool ultimately saves time and money by pre-testing devices efficiently in-house and therefore enabling developers to avoid lengthy debugging periods. Please contact us for more information.