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Introducing TestWizard 2.6TestWizard

With the latest version bringing test automation to Android platforms, TestWizard is the open test automation infrastructure that enables unattended automated testing of multiple devices. This includes mobile, tablets, STBs, web services, web apps and TVs. Our most recent version of TestWizard is format independent (SD / HD / 4K) on a multitude of devices and provides end-to-end testing automation. For more information on TestWizard, our flagship test suite, please follow this link

Test Tools From Eurofins Digital Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing understands the huge challenges for CE manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers to simultaneously meet the many differing requirements of multiple countries, specifications and operators.

With our roots in the CE industry, we provide best-in-class automated test tools for device conformance, functional testing, and performance testing. Follow these links below to learn more about our test tools: