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Test Strategy Consultancy

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Compliance with technology specifications and interoperability requirements is critical to ensure quality and the strengthening of the technology ecosystem. Setting up a logo programme (and associated trade mark licensing scheme) is one way to indicate that products have been tested, certified and are superior to those which have not been.

Test Strategy Consultancy

Conformance regimes should be designed in a way that finds the right balance between the needs of incentivising technology adoption and making sure that device manufacturers or service providers provide high quality products. They can be either lightweight, relying on self-certification, which leads to the risk of obtaining products with different quality levels and does not fully solve the interoperability and compliance issue, or they can be more formal, with the setup of authorised test labs to ensure quality, user experience and protect the technology/ecosystem brand.

Eurofins Digital Testing actively participates in Standard Development Organisation (SDO) working groups and we have experience of chairing testing groups. We have deep technical expertise and understanding of standards, which allows us to provide contributions to the testing strategy, processes and policies.

We are experienced with operational aspects of test and certification regimes for standards, including writing critical policies, such as test challenge procedures and waiver policies and we are experienced in authoring license agreements for test materials, tools and services.
With Eurofins Digital Testing support, SDOs can be sure that the test/certification regime is fit for purpose and reflects best practice.