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Interoperability Testing

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Certification that guarantees compliance to a certain technology standard is not sufficient to ensure interoperability of products in the market due to the fast-paced, evolving nature of the technology industry. Certified products from different manufacturers will often still prove to be incompatible. This happens because ambiguity within specifications can result in different interpretations and implementations that may be incompatible, but still compliant. Additionally, in some instances, optional features may not be universally supported and so devices and services may fail to interoperate and work within a common environment. 

Interoperability TestingStandards Development Organisations (SDOs) consider interoperability throughout the whole standards development process, starting with the definition of comprehensive interoperability requirements and test specifications.

Interoperability testing events that allow device manufacturers or service providers to test their offering against retail products already available in the market, or plugfests, which aim to identify interoperability issues before products got into production are key activities in addressing these issues.

Eurofins Digital Testing has experience of organising and developing material for interoperability events and plugfests. We also have a device interoperability 'zoo', which is an extensive collection of devices held in our UK, Belgium and Hong Kong labs and can be used for interoperability testing before a new product enters the market. Interoperability testing minimises risk and helps to guarantee high quality.