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Standards Organisations

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Eurofins Digital Testing has a long experience of collaborating with Standards Development Organisations (SDOs), industry associations and committees. We are members of several organisations and regularly contribute to the activities related to testing, certification and interoperability. In addition we run a number of certification regimes including  HbbTV, USB, DLNA, Qi, CI+, HE-AAC and MirrorLink

Standards Organisation TestingWe are knowledgeable on the issues faced by standards organisations in ensuring technology adoption within the industry and we assist such organisations with the creation of comprehensive test material (test descriptions, procedures, test case implementations and test tools), identification of interoperability requirements, the organisation of plugfests, and the setup of conformance regimes.

Eurofins Digital Testing leverages its extensive experience and capabilities by providing support for SDOs and industry associations with the identification of test requirements; test process and regime design; test specifications; test plan authoring and review; the development of test suites, test tools and automation; the organisation of interoperability testing events, and; the provision of certification testing regime labs in the UK, Hong Kong and Belgium. Eurofins Digital Testing has previously created test solutions for a number of SDOs, including the HbbTV Association, CI+ LLP, MOST, the Marlin Trust Management Organisation, the Open IPTV Forum and DLNA. Please refer to the case studies leaflet or contact us for more information

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