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Interoperability Testing - Automotive

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Testing and Certification for In-vehicle Infotainment Systems

The in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI) provides the essential link between driver, vehicle and communications and entertainment systems. Car audio, navigation, phone and telematics can be synchronised to provide a coherent system and a simple, non-distracting interface for the driver.

Ensuring that all the components of the IVI work together is becoming increasingly problematic as operation needs to be assured against a background of software updates for mobile communications platforms (including Android and iOS) and interoperability with Bluetooth and USB standards.

Our considerable experience in interoperability testing, along with our extensive collection of real-world test devices (see below) can provide you with the assurance that, whether you wish to test a component or a full IVI system, it will deliver the expected services to your end users.

Additionally, Eurofins Digital Testing has a strategic partnership with Allion to provide interoperability testing for in-vehicle infotainment systems. We are able to check Bluetooth functionality against wide variety of mobile phones and we have over 400 mobile devices in house.

In Car UnitWe are able to check if your in-vehicle infotainment system works with a range of mobile devices to:

  • Connect Correctly to the In-car Unit
  • Receive Calls
  • Receive Messages

We also provide:

  • USB Testing
  • MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay testing

We have engineers that can visit your site in any location in the world and connect to your local service operators that specialise in:

  • In-vehicle communications and infotainment systems
  • Vehicle to vehicle communications
  • Vehicle to external infrastructure communications

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For more information on our interoperability testing services see: