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Internet of Things (IoT) Interoperability Testing Overview

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) market grows at a phenomenal rate, it is becoming increasingly fragmented. This makes testing interoperability between devices and services critical for any manufacturer or supplier wishing to operate in this lucrative market.

Technological ecosystems are becoming more commonplace in every aspect of our lives. This includes our homes, vehicles, wearables, security, education and any other system in our lives that has the potential to connect to the cloud and provide us with feedback. However, at present there are real challenges when it comes to interoperability due to the nature of the market which can be separated into two key areas:

  • Connectivity, reliability and security between devices
  • Interoperability between applications, platforms and standards

IoT Interoperability Testing

Whilst there are a number of standards organisations working hard to try and bring harmony to the marketplace (Open Connectivity Foundation and IPSO Alliance amongst others) and confidence to consumers, given the scale of the existing IoT market and its potential to transform the way in which the world operates, it is likely that products and services will be using a plethora of standards for many years to come.

With this in mind, Eurofins Digital Testing is able to offer a range of interoperability testing services which we have grouped into specific market groups. This is designed to assist you when developing and launching your IoT product; enabling compatibility with as many relevant devices (to your industry) as possible. This results in better products, more satisfied customers, and ultimately better returns for your organisation. 

We can help you with:

For more information, you can download our Interoperability Testing Brochure or Home Automation White Paper (right hand column), or simply use the Contact Us form to get in touch and arrange a discussion.