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Testing Services for Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes, Android Boxes and OTT Applications

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Planning to deploy a new Smart TV, STB, Android Box or OTT Application? Eurofins Digital Testing is an established leader in working with TV service operators and delivers successful, robust testing and helps companies achieve optimum time-to-market delivery. 

OTT Application on tablet and Smart TV

Operating worldwide and with a major testing facility in Hong Kong, we can provide assistance with Testing Services, Testing Products and Staffing including:

Acceptance Testing

    • Devices: STB, Smart-TV, Android TV, Mobiles, Tablets and Game Consoles
    • SIPSI such as EPG, network updates, LCN
    • RF sensitivity, noise and interference
    • OTT and HbbTV application functional testing
    • OAD SSU (System Software Upgrade)
    • Connectivity interfaces such as HDMI, USB, Wi-fi
    • Client device testing, including OTT app interoperability
    • Content security, including DRM and conditional access
    • Monitoring and audience measurement system integration

App Testing and Interoperability

    • TV / Mobile / Web Apps: end-to-end testing
    • Functional testing
    • Login and subscription validation testing 


    • Support for video decoding methods, via IP, broadcast, apps and HDMI

Quality of Experience (QoE)

    • Measurement of parameters that can affect QoE: video breakups, buffering time, seamless transition with adaptive bitrate representations, ad-insertions and latency
    • Video playback on different network profiles and different devices

Cyber Security

    • Organisational level security: IT infrastructure, data collection policies, GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance
    • Device level security: for OTT apps, OTT or Android TV boxes, Smart Home devices
    • Vulnerability and attack surfaces
    • Injection flaw (User input)
    • Secure communication and encryption
    • Combatting reverse-engineering
    • System and platform configuration assessment
    • Code review and application build configuration

QA Strategy

    • QA Assessment on test coverage, process, materials and methodologies
    • Test Automation for labour intensive work to reduce time and cost but increase test coverage
    • Remote Testing for Multi-Sites to bring up efficiency and to achieve field testing remotely
    • Training on specific technologies or QA personnel qualifications

We can help you deliver your Smart TV, STB or OTT Application project. Get in touch with us to discuss how or read more here: