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Testing Quality of Experience in Streamed Video Playback

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Eurofins Digital Testing has built a unique video streaming Quality of Experience (QoE) Analysis Tool that enables the efficient analysis of hundreds of different video playback runs that result from varying the content type, encoding, network conditions and client device.

A comprehensive set of QoE metrics is automatically captured and presented using a simple, intuitive web interface that allows rapid but deep analysis of the results. Importantly, a frame-by-frame objective video quality metric, SSIMplus, is measured, which brings deeper insight into QoE than is provided by simpler metrics.

SSIMplus values for streamed video

This framework is valuable to any players within an OTT ecosystem including

  • OTT service providers
  • OTT device manufacturers
  • Encoder providers

Factors Affecting QoE

Factors that impact QoE

Our OTT QoE Test Analysis managed service is available now. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can deliver results for your project. 

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