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Our Wi-Fi validation services help you to assure that your Wi-Fi implementation functions following the product functional requirements.

WiFi performance and throughput testing validates the maximum Wi-Fi throughput  in a given scenario. Using our specialized tools we first characterize the Wi-Fi environment by the use of Wi-Fi heat maps and presence of nearby Wi-Fi networks. 

Eurofins Digital Testing allows you to characterize the Wi-Fi performance and put in different environments such as:

  • Controlled Lab environment (Shielded room)
  • Terraced Housing environment
  • Detached Housing environment
  • Semi-detached Housing environment
  • Apartment environment
  • Open environment

WiFi Co-existence testing helps you to avoid RF interfering between your Wi-Fi product and surrounding RF sources. RF interference can be introduced by our controlled RF sources or real consumer interference can be introduced by the use of our wide range of test assets such as + 200 BT devices.  The test plan will be created following your exact requirements

WiFi Functionality testing which assures and validates that the Wi-Fi product software and graphical UI functions conform to your Wi-Fi functional requirements.  The test plan includes a validation on:

  • Basic Setting (Wireless Radio; SSID; Channel settings; Transmission mode; Bandwidth)
  • Security (Pre-Shared Key; Security protocol encryptions (WEP, WPA, WPA2))
  • Access Control (MAC restrict mode for each Wi-Fi interface)
  • WPS (PBC and PIN)
  • Time Control
  • Test cases tailored to your exact specifications requirements.

WiFi interoperability testing which validates that the Wi-Fi product functions correctly against a wide range of Wi-Fi devices available at the consumer.  During the interoperability testing the product will be handled as done by your customer. The interoperability test allows you to characterize the overall quality and matureness of your Wi-Fi implementation; characterize how your product will behave in the market or catch interoperability failures in the early stage of development and prior to market release.

Our laboratory is equipped with a number of +200 Wi-Fi client devices and +40 Wi-Fi Access Points differing from from smarthphones; tablet devices; USB dongles; Access Points; laptops with integrated Wi-Fi module to Wi-Fi range extenders.