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Testing Services for Voice Activated Devices and Applications

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Alexa, Google Home, Amazon Echo. Voice-activated devices, including TVs, mobile apps and smart home devices, are becoming increasingly popular and are today's consumers' 'must have'. More and more every day activities - from scanning TV EPGs though browsing websites to controlling home electronics - is being undertaken using voice control, making this functionality an essential component of many devices.

Perhaps more significantly, voice is also becoming important for security, acting as a form of secure identification.

Just like any other technologies, ensuring a good user experience of voice activated devices is the key to successful market penetration.  Building and delivering high quality, reliable applications and devices is essential for consumer confidence and commercially it is important that devices are delivered quickly to market

Eurofins Digital Testing can deliver a wide range of services to help you achieve these goals:

Acoustic Testing

  • Sensitivity of reception to speech from a distance
  • Operating in home and outdoor environment
  • Operating in noisy or reflective environment
  • Speech mis-interpretation which triggers erroneous response
  • False wake up and recording that bring up privacy concerns

Functional, Robustness and User Experience

  • User account creation, login and authentication
  • Searching and metadata
  • User recommendations
  • Video and music playback control
  • Personal assistance such as shopping or smart home control
  • Processing and response speed 


  • Voice control from the central control hub to various smart home appliances
  • Apps installed on different mobile devices

Cyber Security

  • Vulnerability and attack surfaces
  • Injection flaw (User input)
  • Secure communication and encryption
  • Anti-reverse-engineering
  • System and platform configuration assessment
  • Code review and application build configuration

We can also work with you to deliver a fully customised solution that precisely matches the needs of your product development plan. 

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you deliver the best-in-class Voice Activated Devices.