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USB Testing

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Apart from a stringent development process, an effective testing process is an essential step for any successful USB development project. During this testing process, not only is it important to test your design in accordance with the most recent USB-IF specification, it is also vital to know if your design is interoperable in a real user environment. Knowing this can save you time and money in the long run.

To assist developers with this process, Eurofins Digital Testing offers an extended USB testing service which will provide you with an insight into compatibility, functionality and interoperability issues prior to releasing the product into the market. You will have a better understanding of any flaws within your design, where they originate, how your devices will perform in the marketplace, and the overall likelihood of success.

USB-C TestingWe offer official USB certification testing for all USB products, including stand-alone devices, embedded hosts, systems, cables and connectors. We also offer an impressive lead time for a USB certification project of one week or less.

These USB test areas can be covered:

  • PHY Electrical
  • Protocol
  • Interoperability
  • USB Cable & Connector (incl. Type-C™)
  • USB Power Delivery & Battery Charging

Eurofins Digital Testing – Your USB Testing & Certification Centre

Eurofins Digital Testing is an independent test centre for USB device testing and certification. Thanks to the independence of our laboratories, we are ideally placed to offer an objective, third-party opinion on the overall quality of your USB product.

Should our Test Engineer encounter any problems, you will be contacted immediately and the project will be put on hold. This gives you the opportunity to rectify the issue without requiring a full retest. Alternatively, you can fix the issue at our facilities at no extra cost during your free attandance at the test session. Your product will be handled with complete confidentiality and we can perform USB certification for all product types (device, host, silicon, on-the-go, embedded host, hub etc.). 

Our expert engineering department can also provide assistance with USB product development at either your facility or ours depending on your requirements. Our extensive experience in USB technology is at your disposal. At Eurofins Digital Testing, we do not only focus on offical certification testing - we provide test services which go beyond the pre-defined test plans. Some examples of this are:  

  • Electrical validation under different environmental conditions.
  • Vendor specific testing for specific circumstances.
  • Extended interoperability testing against a wide range of USB test assets available to the consumer (+400 USB products available for this purpose).
  • Full hardware acceptance testing
  • Onsite training and debug sessions

Testing can be performed on various system configurations (desktop, laptop, tablet, Mac etc.) and operating systems (Windows, Linux OS, Mac OS). We can incorporate different host controllers from a variety of brands with numerous hubs and other USB devices (with different transfer types). We also have a range of high-end test equipment available as the result of our partnership with Keysight Technologies.

We offer full USB compliance testing which includes USB Type-C™ and USB 3.1 and are available to help you get your USB product to market quickly and efficiently. This will enable you to maximise your competitive advantage. Get in touch today to see how we can help you!