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Serial Data Analysis

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With ever increasing data transfer rates, device designers must be more careful during product development, and pre-testing is strongly advisable prior to final production. Eurofins Digital Testing has experience testing for interconnectivity standards such as HDMI, Ethernet, Serial ATA, Displayport, PCI Express, ExpressCard, MIPI and off course USB.

As these technologies migrate to gigahertz signal frequencies and gigabit-per-second speeds, interconnectivity performance becomes a key factor in enabling stable operation. Signal integrity issues, such as reflections, crosstalk, impedance mismatch, frequency dependent transmission-line loss and dispersion can significantly degrade system performance and reliability. It is therefore vital to choose the correct testing tools and environments to ensure that before a product goes to market, it is fit for purpose. 

Serial Data Analysis Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing can help you with all of these challenges.

Buying and/or renting serial data analysis testing equipment is expensive and it is still likely that you will be missing certain aspects of the set-up such as fixtures, SMA parts, special adapters, ISI box and analysers. Most importantly, with limited experience, it is unlikely that you will possess the specific knowledge required to perform the tests effectively. Eurofins Digital Testing offers a cost-effective solution that gives vendors access to the lab for debugging and use of the equipment together with an experienced engineer, maximising the potential for a product's success in the marketplace.

We can provide developers who specialise in various interconnectivity standards and electrical validation testing. Most electrical test cases are defined by the organisations for each technology and we will follow the defined standards according to the organisation test specification, or we can even go further by providing more in-depth, or customised testing. The product can be a development board, FPGA, Silicon, PHY building block and can be the final product or simply at the alpha or beta stage of development. 

Advantages of Serial Data Analysis testing with Eurofins Digital Testing:

  • Only pay for the tests you want - for example this could be just a receiver test
  • Perform the tests according to the official USB-IF compliance test, or outside USB-IF compliance program
  • Perform tests covering USB-IF checklist items
  • Get free consultancy on the test results from an experienced Test Engineer
  • If a fix is implemented, we will run a free re-test to check that the problem is resolved
  • Attendance is optional and incurs no additional costs
  • We can test for multiple standards S-ATA, MIPI, HDMI etc.
  • We can also cover the link and protocol layer if required
  • We have a large device lab for interoperability testing
  • If required, testing can be done under different temperature conditions
  • You will have different protocol analysers at your disposal (e.g. Ellisys, LeCroy)
  • Serial Data Analysis testing can be done before going for official certification
  • We can run tests using different cables, EMI components, mux, re-drives, ESD etc.

For more information on our Serial Data Analysis testing services, please contact us.