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SATA Device Testing

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The SATA-IO (Serial ATA International Organization) has added an Interoperability Program as another key segment to the development, management and standardisation of SATA. The program will help ensure interoperability across SATA products, build confidence in SATA technology and promote SATA as the first choice for storage devices with greater speed, simpler upgrades and easier configuration. The Interoperability Program is a test program, created to preserve the integrity of the Serial ATA specification and ensure interoperability across SATA products.

Eurofins Digital Tesing's SATA-IO Certification Program is the equivalent of certification processes outlined in official SATA-IO Compliance Workshops (Plugfest). Your SATA product will be tested using procedures as specified in the Interoperability Program Test Procedures. We can perform SATA-IO Certification for all product types (Disk Drives; PC Hosts; Port Multipliers; Building Blocks etc.).

The SATA Certification program consists of:

  • Product Electrical 1.4 PHY/TSG/OOB/RSG
  • Product Digital 1.4 – GTR/NCQ/ASR/SSP/IPM/DOF
  • System Interop 1.4 
  • Device Mechanical 1.4

SATA Device Testing

When a SATA product succeeds in Eurofins Digital Testing's SATA-IO Interoperability Program, it can be branded with the SATA Certified logo. SATA certified products assure a high level of interoperability with other certified devices.

It is also possible to run the SATA-IO compliance tests without the submission of the testing results to SATA-IO.org or test only a section of the test requirements such as electrical validation.

For more information about our SATA-IO certification testing services, please contact us.