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Qi Testing & Pre-Testing Services

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Eurofins Digital Testing has been appointed by The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) as the exclusive global Qi Interoperability Lab. Qi, the wireless power standard, allows products to charge wirelessly. All products that implement Qi work together seamlessly, independent of manufacturer or brand.

What is Qi?

Wireless Charging with QiQi is an open interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). It enables inductive charging over distances of up to 4cm via a charging pad and a Qi compatible device using resonant inductive coupling.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) was created to promote widespread market adoption of Qi technology and currently has over 220 members. Qi is now available in many locations including airports, hotels and offices - places where charging is most needed.

The Benefits of Qi Testing

  • The WPC is now the worldwide leader in wireless charging with over 220 members and over 1300 products.
  • Qi is fully compatible with all devices carrying the logo, regardless of manufacturer or brand.
  • Qi enables companies to increase margins and differentiate products due to reliability, compatibility, industry standard wireless power capabilities, and the use of the Qi logo.

Qi Interoperability Pre-Test Service

Eurofins Digital Testing’s Qi Interoperability Pre-Test service allows WPC members to test the interoperability of their Qi designs against the complete list of Qi-Certified products. A list of the registered devices can be found here.

With this service, WPC members have the opportunity to pre-test their design prior to applying for official Qi Certification. This increases the likelihood of passing the Commercial Qi Interoperability Test the first time.

Qi Testing Services

At the Pre-Test, our test engineers will check that the product charges wirelessly, whether or not it transmits and receives (in terms of correct placement and orientation which is crucial for proper wireless charging), as well as checking for any design limitations. The test plan can be developed or extended to follow your product’s precise requirements.

The Pre-Test also means you don’t have to wait until the final stage of development for fixes and critical modifications in your Qi implementation, letting you maintain critical mass-production timelines and provide an insight of possible compatibility, functionality and interoperability issues prior to product release.

Commercial Qi Interoperability Test Service

A product being submitted for Qi Certification will receive a final interoperability check at Eurofins Digital Testing’s facilities in Belgium or Hong Kong. You can click here to find out more about the WPC (which consists of over 220 members, including the major Smartphone and automotive manufacturers).

When a Qi product has passed a 3 part compliance test, it should be interoperable with other Qi products.

In order to be eliminate any possibility of Qi products not working together, the Consortium mandates interoperability testing with ALL previously certified products before the certificate is issued. Our facilities are the worldwide testing centres for this certification. This testing requires that the product has previously undergone official compliance testing by an Qi Authorised Test Lab (ATL).

Test Services Include:

  • Standards Compliance
  • EMC & Normative/ Directive testing (E-marking; FCC; CE)
  • Interoperability (+400 off-the-shelf mobile devices available)
  • End-to-end test services
  • Functional Testing
  • Non- Functional Testing
  • Test Automation

Our solutions now also include nok9 CATS II Compliance Testing for Qi Base Power Profile (BPP) snd Qi Extended Power Profile  (EPP)

Please contact Eurofins Digital Testing for more information on either our Qi Testing or Interoperability Pre-Test services.


  • Qi Interoperability testing does not give any guarantee that products are Qi compliant
  • The Qi pre- test report delivered by Eurofins Digital Testing may not be used to publicly claim interoperability with the Qi specification