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OTT Testing Services

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As bandwidths are increasing, so too are the number of broadcasters, networks, manufacturers and independent providers that are providing content online to viewers. This is referred to as over-the-top (OTT) content and consists of video or TV streams which do not require the user to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite paid for service.

OTT content uses HTTP servers and network infrastructure to deliver files over reliable TCP connections. This differs from more traditional methods of video delivery via IP which relies on UDP connections. 

OTT can be separated into 2 revenue models:

  • SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand)
  • AVoD (Ad-based Video on Demand)

The concept behind the delivery of OTT content, is to enable the end-user to view continuous video no matter what bandwidth is available or how it may fluctuate, however with such a variety of providers and varying demands along the content delivery chain, there are multiple points at which any OTT service can go wrong. It is for this reason that OTT testing is critical.

Eurofins Digital Testing offers OTT testing services for a wide variety of video applications including those designed for HbbTV, iOS and Android. We offer testing on a range of devices (STBs, tablets, mobile phones). Get in touch for more information on our OTT testing services.

OTT Testing

We also have an OTT QoE player Testing Tool which is designed to work with our TestWizard Harness. Find out more about TestWizard here or click here to download our PDF datasheet