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MirrorLink Certification

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Technology is rapidly transforming the driving experience in the 21st century. In-car infotainment systems such as navigation; audio/video entertainment; in-car internet, and; car safety systems such as ecall (amongst others), are rapidly evolving by investing in technologies such as MirrorLink.

Managed by the Connected Car Consortium (CCC), MirrorLink is the defacto standard for in-car connectivity. MirrorLink transforms smartphones into automotive application platforms. Apps are hosted and run on the smartphone whilst drivers and passengers interact with them via the steering wheel controls, dashboard buttons and touch screens of their car’s infotainment system. MirrorLink connectivity can be established over Bluetooth; WiFi, UPnP and USB by setting up a VNC connection.

MirrorLink Certification

MirrorLink devices require a high degree of quality assurance to ensure compatibility with the full range of supported devices. Eurofins Digital Testing is recognised as an ISO authorised test lab (ISO9001:2005) for MirrorLink. MirrorLink certification is based on MirrorLink specification conformance, client/server interoperability and a series of administrative requirements.

MirrorLink certification testing consists of:

  • Compliance Test System testing ‘CTS’
  • Interoperability Testing against both MirrorLink v1.0 and v1.1 devices

In addition to our existing MirrorLink compliance test services, we have recently added MirrorLink app certification to our service portfolio. This move further secures Eurofins Digital Testing's position as a world leader in software and hardware testing for quality assurance. 

**For a Limited Time Only!**

For every customer submitting a product to Eurofins Digital Testing for MirrorLink certification testing (for the first time), USB interface validation will also be offered for free!

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