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MIPI Compliance

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MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) is an open membership organization that develops interface specifications for mobile and mobile-related industries. The aim of the MIPI® Alliance is to establish standards for hardware and software interfaces in mobile devices to benefit the entire mobile industry/community and its customers.

Conformance Test services

Eurofins Digital Testing, as a MIPI Contributor member offers experienced test services for MIPI.d-phy_elec 
Our serial data lab enables us to measure most of the physical MIPI interfaces, along with a Agilent Technologies U4421A which enables us to capture and analyze both CSI-2 and DSI protocol traffic.

Eurofins Digital Testing covers Physical Layer testing for:

Physical Layer Transmitter Receiver
D-PHY checkgreen checkgreen
M-PHY checkgreen checkgreen
C-PHY checkgreen checkgreen

And protocol testing for:

Protocol Layer Transmitter Receiver
CSI-2 checkgreen checkgreen
DSI checkgreen checkgreen

The conformance will be tested using the latest conformance plans defined by the MIPI alliance.