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Eurofins Digital Testing is an expert in HbbTV and Connected TV testing. We are active members of the HbbTV Testing and certification groups, and we are the main contributor to the official HbbTV Test Suite.

We work closely with HbbTV receiver manufacturers and platform providers alike, rolling out successful interoperable HbbTV deployments worldwide. We have worked with a number of HbbTV operators and continue to add more all the time, building test cases for profiles, DRM test servers and platform specific test suites.

We can provide a comprehensive set of HbbTV focused services including:

  • HbbTV test servicesHbbTV Device Testing
  • HbbTV training courses
  • Tools and services for app developers
  • Bespoke test suite authoring
  • HbbTV device tools
  • HbbTV playout validation services
  • HbbTV app automation and testing
  • Support for Operator Application Testing
  • Specification authoring
  • Supply chain consultancy

HbbTV Test Services

Eurofins Digital Testing is an HbbTV Registered Test Center offering a testing and certification service for a number of HbbTV profiles including:

  • Official HbbTV logo
  • Australia (Freeview Plus)
  • UK (Freeview Play)
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain (TDT Hibrida)
  • France (TNT 2.0)
  • Italy

HbbTV Training Courses

Keep abreast of the latest advances in HbbTV - and discover more about the potential in HbbTV with our portfolio of training courses. Eurofins Digital Testing has intimate knowledge of current HbbTV developments and delivers structured HbbTV training and workshops to get you up to speed.

Tools and Services for App Developers

To optimise application performance on HbbTV platforms, our Ligada iSuite for HbbTV includes a performance test suite to systematically test and record key platform performance metrics.

We have a "Live Apps" service, enabling HbbTV Applications to be made available to manufacturers within the Ligada iSuite as standard for interoperability testing during the product development and testing stages. Contact us to find out how your applications can be included in this service.

Bespoke Test Suite Authoring

Operators may use optional features within the HbbTV specification or need additional test coverage over and above the official HbbTV test suite. As the most experienced HbbTV test case authoring team, building test suites for the French TNT2.0, Spanish TDT Hibrida, New Zealand Freeview Plus, Australian Freeview Plus, NorDig and the HbbTV2.0 powered UK Freeview Play platforms. We work closely with operators to build additional test cases and automate them within the highly popular Ligada iSuite test harness environment. As Ligada iSuite also supports HTML 5, we can also build test cases for proprietary JavaScript API extensions.

HbbTV Device Test Tools and Report Validation Tools

We can assist operators and manufacturers to build end-to-end systems HbbTV testing capability in-house, including DRM validation using the Ligada iSuite automated test framework. For platform operators or other organisations that accept manufacturer's HbbTV test reports as part of an approval process we provide free-of-charge the Eurofins HbbTV Test Report Validation Tool which can ensure these complex files are valid pass reports. 

HbbTV Play Out Validation Service

Eurofins Digital Testing can independently validate the HbbTV streams against the HbbTV specification. Additionally, using our large collection of HbbTV receivers we can test real-world interoperability.

Support for Operator Application Testing 

Operator applications are like HbbTV applications, but with more privileges, to the extent they can completely replace the terminal user interface. Operator applications will coexist with regular HbbTV applications and bilateral agreements between operators and manufacturers will determine the level of privileges granted to them for a given terminal.

You can download our White Paper on HbbTV Operator Applications here.

HbbTV Specification Authoring and Supply Chain Consultancy

Eurofins Digital Testing has an intimate knowledge of the HbbTV specifications and platform specific profiles, having been involved in ALL major HbbTV deployments globally, including TNT2.0 (France), TDT Hibrida (Spain) and Freeview Play HbbTV2.0. We can assist in authoring test specifications to assess conformity of the product with platform specification in order to ensure device interoperability and a high quality level of service to the end user. With over 300 clients, we are experts on the receiver supply chain and can help operators with receiver conformance strategies and processes. 

For more information on our HbbTV services please contact us

HbbTV Applications Test Centre

HbbTV Interoperability Centre

Our HbbTV Applications Test Centre allows application developers to ensure compatibility with our range of HbbTV TVs including TVs from 2016, 2015 and 2014 model years and a wide range of leading brands. Eurofins Digital Testing experience in HbbTV helps us deliver a range of testing services for developers of HbbTV Applications from validation of application compliance with the HbbTV standard, to full manual and automated testing solutions.