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Eurofins Digital Testing is a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) accredited Independent Certification Vendor (ICV), providing testing and certification services as part of the official DLNA Certification Program.

Being a major contributor to the latest test tool, Eurofins Digital Testing has an extensive set of modular testing solutions catered for your particular testing or certification needs, and our labs are equipped with the latest DLNA approved test tools, including:

  • Media Capabilities Verification Tool (MCVT)
  • Conformance Test Tool (CTT)
  • Approved Interoperability Testing Devices
  • Auto-IP or Small Network Testing
  • Link Protection Test Tool (LPTT)

The table below illustrates the complete DLNA Device Class and Capabilities we cater for:

Home Networked Devices Mobile Devices Device Capabilities
Digital Media Server (DMS) Digital Media Server (M-DMS) Upload Controller      (+UP+)
Digital Media Player (DMP) Digital Media Player (M-DMP) Download Controller (+DN+)
Digital Media Controller (DMC) Digital Media Controller (M-DMC) Protected Streaming
Digital Media Renderer (DMR) Digital Media Uploader (M-DMU) HTML5 Remote UI (+RUIHSRC+ / +RUIHPL+)
Digital Media Renderer (DMR) Digital Media Download (D-DMD) Diagnostic (+DIAGC+ / +DIAGE+)


Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a global collaboration of more than 240 leading, like-minded industry brands dedicated to ensuring an experience where customers can easily connect and enjoy a variety of products, services and content, by building cross-industry consensus that welcomes and benefits the entire ecosystem. To become a DLNA Member apply here.

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Certification Program

Only devices, or software, that has met the DLNA design guidelines and passed the relevant certification tests can use the DLNA logo.

Quick Step by Step Guide to DLNA Certification

  • Become a DLNA Member
  • Review and analyse the DLNA Guidelines
  • Contact Eurofins Digital Testing to apply for test
  • Register product for Certification (via DLNA Web-based Certification System-WCS)
  • Register dates for testing with Eurofins Digital Testing
  • Send software / 2 devices
  • Eurofins Digital Testing will send test report to DLNA
  • DLNA will review test results
  • DLNA issues certificate
  • Use DLNA logo

Test Services Offered by Eurofins Digital Testing:

  • Testing for all certifiable classes and capabilities
  • Pre-Testing & Re-Testing
  • Testing for all classes, capabilities and media profiles
  • Software and Hardware Testing
  • Hosting with access to the full DLNA testbed including “Golden” devices

Vidi Path

Additionally, we now offer Vidi Path (CVP-2) testing for newly added features:

  • Authentication
  • HTML5 Remote UI (+RUIHSRC+ and +RUIHPL+)
  • Low Power (+LPE+ and +LPC+)
  • Diagnostics (+DIAGC+ and +DIAGE+)
  • HTTP Adaptive Delivery (MPEG-DASH)

Find out more about VidiPath certification here.

Eurofins Digital Testing also provides hosting and pre-Certification testing catering for software or devices in development stages, with access to our engineers and DLNA approved devices for interoperability validation.

Eurofins Digital Testing is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No.8159, meeting ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards for DLNA Certification Testing.

For more information, or to book for one of the above services please contact us.