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CI+ LLP Certification

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Eurofins Digital Testing is the official LLP Approved CI+ Test Centre. We provide certification test services for manufacturers with CI+ enabled products, and can assist operators in building CI+ conformance regimes.

CI+ is an enhanced security system that allows operators and broadcasters to secure content on digital TV receivers via the Common Interface (CI) and Conditional Access Module (CAM). Its key benefit is enabling pay-TV operators to directly deliver high value content such as HD to retail receivers in a secure environment.

CI+ Certification Services:

  • Provision of official test report for CI+ logo application
  • Functionality, Browser and Generic Browser test suites
  • Coverage includes CI+ v1.3 & v1.4
  • CI+ Test Tool for host devices
  • Debug hosting facilities available 7 days a week
  • Solutions for both product and component licensees
  • Interoperability testing
  • CI and CI+ CAM certification and interoperability solutions

Complete Certification Solutions

As the official LLP Approved CI+ Test Centre, Eurofins Digital Testing provides full CI+ certification testing for product licensees and pre-testing for semiconductor and DVB software suppliers who have a CI+ component license.
We can test and certify a range of CI+ enabled devices, including:

  • Integrated digital TVs
  • Set top boxes
  • CA modules (CAMs)
  • Development boards

Debug Hosting Services

Hosting services are available 7 days a week in both our UK and Hong Kong labs, for CI+ host and CAM manufacturers who require debug and retesting support. All of the test materials used for the official certification process will be available and our dedicated CI+ engineers will provide full support and will be able to fully explain the pass/fail criteria. Visiting engineers will gain an in-depth understanding of the tests through face-to-face communication with our expert engineering team, who will be able to pre-test the fixed items immediately after the software has been modified.

Our debug hosting service is highly recommended to any manufacturer or developer whose device has failed the initial certification test, as it facilitates an efficient debugging process, enables quick certification and significantly decreases time to market.

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability testing is an additional, optional test set which is ideal for complete CI+ security compliance testing. We allow visiting engineers access to our unique CI+ interoperability 'zoo', which is an extensive collection of devices and CAMs that have gone through our rigorous CI+ testing regime.

The interoperability tests will highlight any possible interoperability issues within the lab environment, therefore preventing them from occurring in the field- saving future support costs and your brand's reputation.

CI & CI+ CAM Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing also provides full CI+ CAM certification testing services. We have a large collection of CI+ host receivers for interoperability testing, as well as a number of smart cards and associated encrypted streams for European pay-TV testing.

CI+ Test Tool

The Eurofins Digital Testing CI+ Test Tool is the official pre-test CI+ host testing tool, and facilitates the full development, testing and debugging of CI+ implementations. The Tool contains the official Eurofins Digital Testing test procedures, streams and CI+ test suites required to completely pre-test your device. It can be used by developers and manufacturers to streamline their build processes and greatly reduce time to market by bringing pre-validated products to us for certification.

CI+ Production Test Tool

Designed for TV and STB manufacturers, the Production test tool is a plug and play solution for checking certificate validity and mandatory host resources such as MMI, host control, CAPMT and content control at the end of the production process.

Ligada iSuite for HbbTV/CI+

The Ligada iSuite for HbbTV/CI+ is designed to test interoperability for HbbTV devices implementing a Content Service Protection API for communicating with a CI+ module, as mandated in the HbbTV specification. The HbbTV/CI+ test tool is the only commercial product that supports the CI+ tests in the current HbbTV Association official test suite. 

For further information about our CI+ testing products and services, please  contact us.