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Cinavia Compliance Testing Services

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Cinavia is a water marketing technology for content protection of Blu-ray discs and other digital media.  Eurofins Digital Testing is a Verance authorised test lab in Hong Kong for Cinavia licensed device certification and verification.

Eurofins Digital Testing offers three types of Cinavia Compliance Testing Services to help Cinavia Licensees meet their compliance testing obligations and robustness obligations and/or requirements under the Integrated Product License (IPL) or Media Receiver License (MRL), along with the Cinavia Specifications. These services are available for both Cinavia Integrated Products and Media Receivers and cover system-on-chip, Blu-ray players, set-top-boxes and other media devices. They comprise of:

Cinavia Certification Testing from Eurofins

  • Cinavia Compliance Testing Certification
  • Cinavia Compliance Testing Verification
  • Cinavia Self-Test Confirmation

Eurofins Digital Testing has been running certification services on set-top-boxes, iDTVs and other devices from its Hong Kong lab for several years. The company is building on its existing extensive security testing expertise covering CI+, conditional access and DRM.

For more information on Cinavia Compliance Testing Services, or to book for one of the above services please contact us.