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CI Plus Operators

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As the only CI Plus LLP Approved test house and with a wealth of experience of testing receivers, Eurofins Digital Testing has a range of services to assist operators in designing, specifying, building and implementing interoperability test regimes for retail receivers.

The CI Plus standard is an enhanced security system that allows operators and broadcasters to secure content on digital TV receivers via the Common Interface (CI) and Conditional Access Module (CAM). Its key benefit is enabling pay-TV operators to directly deliver high value content such as HD onto retail receivers in a secure environment. Subscriber numbers can be increased without the provision of set top boxes, by attracting iDTV (integrated digital TV) owners to new content and enhanced services such as Video On Demand. CI Plus is the default standard for linear pay-TV delivery on iDTVs.

Eurofins Digital Testing provides CI Plus operator iDTV certification services for UPC (Liberty Global)  Unity Media/KabelBW, Voo and Telenet.

Eurofins Digital Testing offers:

  • CI Plus training courses
  • Retail receiver advice
  • Interoperability test regimes and suites
  • Receiver 'zoo' management
  • CAM validation testing services

CI Plus Training Courses

We provide on-site training days and workshops for operators who are new to CI Plus or who need a more in-depth understanding of this new security platform. We cover:

CI Plus and CAS Basics Authentication Revocation
Output Control Host Shunning Operator Profiles
CI Plus Certification Regime 1.4 Roll-Out Features Low Speed Communications
CI Plus Browser (MHEG)    

Our training courses are conducted by our technical CI Plus experts and can be customised to each client's needs.

Retail Receiver Advice

Operators who adopt CI Plus have to manage the transition from a tightly controlled, vertical deployment of a very limited number of set top boxes to an uncontrolled, horizontal retail market with potentially hundreds of receiver models.

Eurofins Digital Testing can provide expert advice on the retail supply chain, CI Plus conformance, white lists and logo programs to ensure a high quality user experience. This will protect the operator's brand, minimise churn and keep call centre costs low.

Interoperability Test Regimes and Test Suites

Eurofins Digital Testing works with operators to implement efficient interoperability testing regimes in-house or to save costs as an outsourcing service. We don't normally charge operators to build conformance regimes as we are funded through our reasonable testing charges to manufacturers.

Our test services ensure that receivers are fully compliant with the operator service platform and are robust. Additionally, by customising our vast base of existing DVB-T/C/S receiver test cases and test streams and by working in partnership with our clients, Eurofins Digital Testing can build a complete test regime specific to each operator's particular needs - all within less than a month!

We are experts on logistics and receiver testing resource balancing as well as dealing with manufacturers' sometimes uncertain schedules. We can ensure that no time is lost in communication delays, with clear instructions and questionnaires prior to testing commencement. We provide manufacturer hosting facilities in the UK and Hong Kong for test case recreation and debugging, so can assist manufacturers to get through the testing regime in the minimum amount of time.

Receiver 'Zoo' Management

Operators continuously develop their platforms and therefore need to ensure that network changes are fully interoperable with the deployed receivers in the field. Eurofins Digital Testing has a very large collection of CI Plus compliant receivers (the 'zoo') which can be used to comprehensively test new network features with existing receivers to avoid user problems in the field.

CAM Validation Test Services

When introducing a new CAM into their networks, operators need to ensure validation with network services and interoperability with already deployed receivers. Eurofins Digital Testing can provide test services covering all the network specific features supported on the CAM, and perform a structured interoperability test using our receiver 'zoo'.

Please contact us for further information on CI Plus and to find out how we can assist you with certification and bespoke interoperability programs.