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Blu-ray Disc & Device Testing

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Eurofins Digital Testing has been recognised as the official testing center for Blu-Ray Disc, offering certification testing for BD-RE Version 2, Version 3, Version 4, BD-R Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, BD-ROM Version 2, BD-ROM Version 3 and AVCREC.

With our wide range of services and expertise, Eurofins Digital Testing has always had the advantage over other quality assurance companies. Whilst our Burbank and Warsaw facilities host industry leading quality assurance and testing services for the home entertainment industry, our facility in Belgium has a high degree of expertise in hardware testing and certification. We also have digital TV and software testing facilities in the UK and Hong Kong and are continuously look for new ways to use our expertise to further assist our clients.

The testing unit for Blu-ray players is targeted specifically at consumer electronic manufacturers. Our service, which augments our already significant hardware testing portfolio of services, enables us to provide a full quality assurance service for Blu-ray, delivering benefits to both hardware and home entertainment clients.

Our testing services for Blu-ray Disc hardware will include player testing on a variety of cutting edge pre-release studio content, specially selected to challenge authoring, design and disc complexity. We are also able to offer regression/re-testing on new or updated firmware.

As experts in quality assurance for Blu-ray titles, we have tested over 1200 titles and performed over 100,000 hours of testing to date. We believe that our understanding of Blu-ray will provide CEMs with higher quality testing – and studios with a more ‘joined up’ approach to quality for their Blu-ray discs and devices. For example, CEMs and studios will both now benefit from our secure central repository of player issues which we have generated through other forms of testing.

Experience has shown us that the way we report issues is just as important as the issues themselves. Clients will receive a detailed test plan and secure online access to track project progress and bug reporting. We have also made sure that all of our reports include steps to reproduce faults to facilitate further testing and development.

For more information on our Blu-ray Disc and device testing services, please contact us.