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A/V Media Compatibility

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Testing your product against the wide range of A/V media available to consumers can be a challenging task as media varies in a wide range of parameters. These include:

Container – F4V; MP4; MKV; MP2; AVI; MOV; 3GP; ASF; RM; RM
Video Codec – MPEG1; MPEG2; MPEG4 (Part2 & Part10); DivX (4; 5; 6 & 7); FLV; AVC; AVCHD
A/V Media Compatibility TestingAudio Codec – MP3; MPEG-1; MPEG-4; WAV; PCM; AC3; DTS; WMA
Resolution – 1920×1080; 1440×1080; 720×576; 1220×720; 480×270; 4K
Bitrate - Constant Bit Rate ‘CBR’ and Variable Bit Rate ‘VBR’
Framerate - 25fps; 30fps; 50fps and 60fps (interlaced or non interlaced)
Audio Channels - Mono; Stereo; Dolby 1; Dolby2; Dolby3
Audio Bit Rate - 48kbps; 96kbps; 224kbps; 448kbps
Audio Sampling Rate - 24kHz; 32kHz; 44kHz; 48kHz; 52kHz

Eurofins Digital Testing's A/V Media Compatibility Testing focuses on the ensuring the correct playback for the different container and audio/ video codec combinations supported by your product. Nowadays, A/V media originates from a wide variety of content sources within the broadcast and media industries, from the digital television operator to media recorded/published by your mobile phone manufacturer. All these A/V media files differ in technical aspects and are designed to be played back on any media client you wish to view or listen through. A/V Media Compatibility Testing guarantees that the A/V media quality aspects of your product will result in the ultimate user experience resulting in a more successful product once released.

Our experienced engineers will study and then outline the supported containers of your product along with its audio and video codec support. We will create an overview for the A/V operations such as play; stop; pause / pause release; fast forward scan; fast backward scan and seek. The details collected from the A/V media requirements analysis will be outlined in a test matrix which will also include test setup details; a clear overview of supported features, and; operations and media format profiles, including the containers supported by the product. Following the requirements analysis, we will make a set of test files available covering each container and A/V codec combination supported.

Media Compatibility Testing will be performed against a comprehensive set of test materials provided by Eurofins Digital Testing. All test case details and content to be created will be closely outlined in co-operation with you.

For more information on our A/V Media Compatibility Testing Services, please contact us.