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Audio Testing

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Eurofins Digital Testing provides a range of services for those seeking to test audio standards and we have many years experience working with world leading audio technology companies, broadcasters and CE manufacturers.

Dolby Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing is an official licensee of Dolby Laboratories to provide testing services to CE manufacturers and middleware vendors, of broadcast and Internet enabled devices, which implement Dolby Technologies.

Dolby Digital Plus is a mandated requirement in many of the world’s broadcast specifications and OTT platforms, for offering an enhanced audio experience. It has rapidly become the de-facto standard for transmission. In addition to Dolby Digital Plus, Eurofins Digital Testing is able to offer Multistream 10 and 11 (MS10 and MS11) testing to licensees.

Our tests are conducted in line with Dolby Labs’ specification and to their exacting standards. Testing early at Eurofins Digital Testing can help in significantly reducing production costs by minimising product re-working. This leads to a shorter time to market which is crucial in today’s marketplace, where getting products to market quickly is essential to commercial success and competitive advantage.

The services we provide include:

  • Testing
  • Hosting
  • Debugging

All testing conforms to standard testing procedures using Dolby approved and supplied test streams. The combination of Eurofins Digital Testing’s extensive audio-visual experience and dedicated analysis hardware can prove an invaluable resource in assisting with device certification. Due to our dynamic scheduling system and extremely close relationship with Dolby Labs, we can offer very rapid testing, debugging and reporting cycles with short lead times.

The testing consists of:

  • Electrical Tests
  • Listening Tests
  • Internet Enabled Functionality

The Dolby Testing service offering was built on a strong history of collaboration projects between the two companies. Previously within the partnership they have already worked on cutting edge technologies such as HbbTV, MPEG-DASH and the French TNT2.0 platform. Eurofins Digital Testing is a UKAS accredited test laboratory No.8159 to ISO/IEC 17025, and customers are able to take advantage of the numerous additional audio, video and connected technology certification and conformance testing services.

HE-AAC Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing and Fraunhofer IIS have joined forces to develop the world’s first HE-AAC and AAC audio Test Suite for DVB receivers.

The test suite is designed to enable compliance testing of MPEG High Efficiency-Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC), the world’s most efficient high-quality, multi-channel, and stereo audio codec that was co-developed by Fraunhofer IIS. Additionally it enables validation of AAC and HE-AAC v2 support.

HE-AAC is one of the most important audio technologies for state-of-the-art multimedia systems. Thanks to its unique combination of high quality audio, low bit rates and audio-specific metadata support, it is the perfect audio solution, even over channels with limited capacity.

The technical strength of the HE-AAC codec means that it is:

  • Used in TV, radio, and IP streaming worldwide
  • The perfect codec for adaptive streaming, for example Apple HLS or MPEG DASH
  • Supported by more than 7 billion devices worldwide
  • Fully compatible with all relevant broadcast metadata

Eurofins Digital Testing is able to provide two core offerings to consumer electronics manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers; either the option to license the DVB Receiver Test Suite for HE-AAC conformance, or a complete testing and reporting service. Both options can be used for verification of the correct implementation of the audio standard. The test suite is suitable for the testing of DVB receiver devices such as Integrated Digital TVs (IDTVs) and Set Top Boxes (STBs). It has coverage of the UK D-Book and Scandinavian NorDig, as well as the latest Singaporean and Malaysian specifications.

The test suite has dedicated test cases for:

  • Data rate
  • Sampling rate
  • Channel mapping
  • HE-AACv2 support
  • Analogue and digital output down-mixing
  • Error concealment
  • Dynamic range control
  • Target loudness
  • AAC Support

In total it includes over 170 individual test cases, split into listening and electrical tests. The HE-AAC Test Suite was developed by Eurofins Digital Testing in partnership with Fraunhofer IIS.