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Testing Roles

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The majority of our team are directly employed members of Eurofins’ own local staff. Every member of our team is fluent in English as well as any appropriate local languages. By using our team on your project, you can be flexible in meeting the Quality Assurance (QA) demands, scaling up when required and vice versa.

Testing Roles - Test ResourcingWe are able to provide QA personnel at the following levels:


  • Executes pre-defined test cases and accurately records results in appropriate bug-tracking systems.


  • Defines test scenarios based on reviews of requirements and specifications.
  • Works in a self-directed manner to write test scripts and cases, linked to predetermined criteria.
  • Records outcomes of testing, reports on activities conducted and analyses results.
  • Detects issues and risks linked to own work.

Senior/Test Coordinator

  • Performs detailed analysis of specifications and creates resulting test cases.
  • Considers functional and non-functional areas including efficiency, portability, maintainability, usability and reliability.
  • Creates supporting test materials for new functionality and regression testing of modified functionality.
  • Records traceability between test cases and requirements.
  • Maintains defect register based on the outcome of test execution.
  • Reports on overall quality of the system supported by test case metrics and KPIs.
  • Defines tool, resource, data and environmental requirements.
  • Uses agreed standards and methods to document and execute complex test scripts.
  • Conducts analysis of test results and makes modifications to tests where necessary.
  • Reports on testing progress and any anomalies.
  • Maintains a risk register which documents any issues impacting the whole project.
  • Advises and supports the rest of the team.

Expert/Test Manager

  • Undertakes planning of the system and/or acceptance tests at the project or programme level.
  • Has overall responsibility for the quality of testing.
  • Manages the execution of quality assurance and testing and associated processes.
  • Plans the top-level test strategy for the development or integration project.
  • Guides and advises the team on any matters concerning the testing.
  • Tracks costs, resource usage, timescales and progress, deliverables and traceability.
  • Bridges technical and commercial interests to manage client interaction relating to testing.
  • Continually improves testing approach, advises on best practice and project-wide testing standards.