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We are experts in testing DVB receivers covering DVB-T/T2/C/C2/S/S2 technologies. Our unique Evora iSuite for DVB framework covers over 50 countries and different operators and we can quickly provide customised test suites for specific requirements. Our services include network interoperability testing, specification testing, certification and pre-certification test reports. We have excellent coverage for DVB-T/T2 networks including:

  • All European countries
  • South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Ghana
  • Freeview New Zealand and Australia
  • Freeview HD and Freeview Play UK
  • Singapore, Vietnam Thailand & Malaysia

RF Specification Conformance Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing provides specialist, independent RF testing for DVB-T2/T/C/S standards. Our confidential and professional testing services ensure receivers are fully conformant to any combination of specifications.

RF and VRF Testing

  • UK (D-Book v7.4)
  • Nordic countries (NorDig v2.4)
  • South Africa (SANS862)
  • Malaysia (SKMM MTSFB TC T004)
  • Thailand (NBTC BS 4002-2555)
  • Singapore (IDA/MDA TS DVB-T2 IRD 2014)
  • Vietnam (QCVN 63)
  • Ghana (NCA v1.0)
  • Rwanda (RURA v1.0)
  • Australia (AS.4933)
  • New Zealand (Freeview v2.3)
  • Italy (DGTVi)
  • LTE Interference (required for D-Book and E-Book)
  • DVB-S (including FreeSat UK)
  • DVB-C (testing for NorDig)
  • ATSC (testing for the US)
  • Bespoke testing for specific profiles

Our testing reports are detailed enough to be used as debugging tools, yet comprehensive enough to act as sales collateral to demonstrate your compliance to prospective customers and can be used to apply for a selection of logos.

Eurofins Digital Testing is a UKAS accredited test laboratory No.8159 to ISO/IEC 17025, and customers are able to take advantage of the numerous additional audio, video and connected technology. certification and conformance testing services.

RF Capture Field Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing also provides RF Field Captures for testing, a cost-effective way of replicating the RF field conditions within a lab environment with very short timescales. Eurofins Digital Testing has an extensive library of benchmarked DVB-T2/T/C/H and ISDB-T RF recordings from across the globe.

These captures enable rapid testing and debugging of iDTV and STB front-ends (in particular the demodulator) in a repeatable, accurate and controlled environment.

  • Supports DVB-T2/T/C/H, ISDB-T, DTMB, DAB and PAL TV (More than 5000 RF captures)
  • Covers Europe, South East Asia, Africa and South America’s RF ‘black spots’.
  • Up to 24 MHz bandwidth (includes adjacent channel interference).
  • Comparison of RF performance against reference receiver available.
  • Repeatable, reliable lab test.
  • Debug hosting available for rapid responses to issues.
  • NEW: DVB-T2 captures using MPLP mode.
  • NEW: DVB-T2 captures using ETSI EN 302 755 V1.3.1

Complete RF Captures Test Suites

From this extensive library, we have analysed and selected a collection of RF recordings with particularly interesting conditions, we call these RF Test Suites.

  • DVB-T2 Asia VRF Test Suite v1.0: Includes the most interesting 50 RF captures from: Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.
  • DVB-T2 Africa VRF Test Suite v1.0: Includes the most interesting 25 RF captures from: South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Nigeria.
  • DVB-T2 Europe VRF Test Suite v2.2: Includes the most interesting 100 RF captures from all over Europe.

RF Frontend Measurements

The RF IN and RF OUT (RF Bypass) for the RF receiver are included in the DVB-C Frontend Measurements.

If the DVB-C Frontend values are not defined by the vendor, the Nordig Requirements and Test Specification will be used.

Eurofins Digital Testing can also provide RF Frontend measurements using vendor specific requirements. Even when the vendor specific requirements are less strict than Nordig, we will test against the vendor specific value.

If the RF receiver cannot report BER values, we can measure BER via external access to the data/clock after the decoder. If this option is not available no BER tests can be done and we will validate the RF Frontend sensitivity following the A/V video being captured from a video output on the DUT.

For the Modulation schemes test, we will perform a full test on the 64QAM/256QAM and a subset on the 16QAM/128QAM.

We can arrange customised packages upon request - please get in touch for more information